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I have been in the beauty industry for 12 years and have been working with fitness models for 5 years.

I use PROTAN on my girls as I find this is the best on stage tan. My girls always receive positive feedback on there tans and makeup and I pride myself In making them look amazing on comp day.

As you may know you are now judged on your appearance on stage (tan, makeup, hair, confidence etc) not just your body. I take my input on your special day very seriously. I know how hard you work to achieve this goal to get on stage and I like to do everything in my power to make you look even more amazing. Being on stage it is so important to have the right tan colour and makeup. The bright lights dull out your tan so much so you need to make sure you have a dark enough tan and your makeup is stage appropriate.

To have the best tanning application you will need to have 2 BASE COATS of tan, and also a TOP COAT. Your base coats will start 2 days out from your competition. So for example if your comp is on a Sunday you will have your first tan on the Friday, second tan on the Saturday and your top coat on the Sunday morning of your competition just before you have your makeup done.

You will need to leave your base coats on for a minimum of 8 hours (most people sleep in there tan) and then you will wash it off before your next tan.

Here are a few tips for preparing yourself for your tan, and how to look after it.


  1. Always exfoliate the day before your FIRST BASE COAT tan.
  2. Perform hair removal 24 hours prior to the FIRST spray tan.
  3. If you are shaving please shave the day before your FIRST tan. If you need to shave after your tans please make sure its extremely light pressure on your skin so you don’t remove any tan from your skin.
  4. Wash your hair the day before the tan (if you wash your hair the day of the tan, the shampoo and conditioner can leave residue on your skin, this may cause streaking of the tan). If you need to wash your hair the night before your TOP COAT or the morning of that’s totally fine.
  5. Wear loose dark clothing to your tanning appointment so your clothes wont rub on your skin after the tan. Do not put your bra on after the tan!
  6. Wear loose sandals or thongs to your tanning appointment.
  7. Try and shower 1 hour before getting your tan as you can not have any moisturizer on your skin, no deodorant, no makeup, no perfume! Your skin must be completely bare for the tan to adhere properly. If you do have any deodorant on it will turn the tan green in the areas of the deodorant! If you can’t shower before your tan, ask your tanner for a wipe so you can remove any impurities from your skin.
  8. If you have any areas of your body that are excessively dry you may need to put a small amount of moisturizer over these areas. Dry skin sucks up the tan more than hydrated skin so where you are dry these areas will go darker and look out of place. Most common areas are elbows, knees, hands, feet, and eczema and psoriasis affected areas.
  9. If you have blonde hair, ask the tanner for a disposable hair cap. This will prevent the tan going in your hair and discolouring it.
  10. Once you have been sprayed make sure you dry yourself properly with the air hose before putting on your clothes.
  11. If you are sleeping in your tan try and wear full length pyjamas to bed or a dressing gown. This will prevent your tan from transferring to other parts of your body or to someone else’s body (ie: resting your arm on someone else or yourself and sweating. This can result in loss of tan from that area. MOST GIRLS GET A ONESIE AND SLEEP IN THAT. It’s also very comfy.
  12. Do not exercise while the tan is on your body and still processing.
  13. You may exercise after you have washed off the tan. Because you are having 3 lots of tan it doesn’t matter if you accidentally smudge it as the top coat will cover everything anyway. The reason you have base coats is to ensure the top coat is dark enough under the harsh stage lights.


This is when your top coat is applied. This top coat is applied just like your base coats (sprayed on) which makes it so quick and easy. Lots of people will recommend to use dream tan which must be applied by hand and can take up to 40 mins when applied properly. But once dream tan gets on your clothes it does NOT come off.

The advantage with the Protan top coat is its applied within 5 mins and washes easily out of your clothing. The disadvantage is because it’s a tan if you get it wet it will run. So you need to be aware on comp day not to spill anything on yourself or get wet!

I do suggest you have some dream tan as back up for any areas that you may get wet and runs. That way you can just pat it into your skin and it will fix the area. But once again make sure you are careful not to get It near your bikini or clothing.

It is inevitable that you will get tan on the palm of yours hands and they will go brown. If you purchase a bleach spray from the supermarket you can spray your palms with that and it will take harsh brown away!

Once your competition is over you can go and celebrate and have a light shower to just wash your top coat off. All you will be left with is the colour of your base coat!


As you may know I also do stage make-up for the comps. This is my absolute PASSION! So if you’re wanting to stand out on stage give me a call.

STAGE MAKE-UP: $110 inc airbrush and lashes
2 x BASE COAT & TOP COAT: $110


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